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#51949 - 06/09/14 03:14 PM Daiwa Lexa SCREAMs when casting?
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Anyone ever heard of this? Bought the reel at the NW Sports Show from TB and had it wound at the line winding sale. Cast a few times around opener and when I went out this weekend I found the reel would make a loud screaming noise when I cast at the fastest the reel turned (loud enough other boats and people on shore were staring at me).

I noticed the reel would not wind in the last 10' of the line easily which I think was from having too much line on the spool. The scream however cannot be as easily identified. Any ideas?

#51952 - 06/09/14 08:17 PM Re: Daiwa Lexa SCREAMs when casting? [Re: BigMantrap]
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Cant state what it is in the Lexa but I know anytime I have Calcutta that does that I send it in for service. Being that the reel is new you might want to jsut bring it up to the shop or call them RIch to see what they say. Botom line a new reel should not be doing that...
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#51953 - 06/10/14 11:39 AM Re: Daiwa Lexa SCREAMs when casting? [Re: BigMantrap]
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Agree with Mojo, a new reel should not do that. I have an old Shimano Citica that I exploded a prawl in while casting big rapalas for pike back around 1999. It screamed like a mofo when casting for years. Back about 2007 or 2008 I completely tore it apart and found the broken part, ordered a new one along with a couple extra bearings, and made it into a curado and fixed the prawl. Works great now.

It could be a super simple 30 cent part inside the reel, but it should not be doing that. I would call their customer service and get it looked at.

#52016 - 06/16/14 02:27 PM Re: Daiwa Lexa SCREAMs when casting? [Re: BigMantrap]
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Big Man Trap-

I received your email on this issue & responded. If you could, please send me your phone number (either in a PM here or via email) and I will get you taken care of.