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#53077 - 05/31/15 03:58 AM The End
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Hi All,

I have unofficially decided to quit regular posting on the board. My activity has declined a bit over the past few years as I find my interest in sitting down to write after a long day on the water waning.

It has been an incredible and maybe some would say improbable run here on the Thornes board but I think it's time for me to pack it in. When I look back at what we have done here over the years it staggers me a bit. The totals for views on my stuff was a bit short of 900,000 when I added it up last fall... who would have thought.

Over the years many people have suggested that I write a book and frankly the thought of an undertaking of that scope was just too overwhelming. Now as I look back there are at least a couple books worth of writing here... funny how a few lines at a time totals up.

I loved the free form concept...the whatever I want and total freedom of writing on here. I'm proud to have had my little spot on the best shop in the Muskie worlds board. I think what made it so cool was that spelling, grammer and actual writing structure all took a back seat to the message...the content...sharing some of my thoughts and the essence of why we spend time chasing these fish. Because when it all goes right nothing is better than muskie fishing.

I did do a couple of chapters for an upcoming Musky Hunter book due out this fall so my small place in book publishing history seems to be taken care of.

In the end I think some of my best stuff is archived here. Something about getting off of the boat and sitting at the keyboard after a hard fought 14 hour day on the water with a couple nice fish in the net spurs that kind of creative thought. I'm sure like a guy trying to quit smoking I'll show up now and again for a puff or two...but the steady diet seems to be over.

I hope you have enjoyed it and as I have always said...I hope it helped you put a few extra fish in your net.

That was all I ever hoped to achieve..............

#53078 - 06/02/15 12:56 AM Re: The End [Re: Bob Turgeon]
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Hi Bob,

I do not fish for those big, guys but I often find my self reading here. And just learning what makes you guys "tick". There is/was a ton of information here over the years.

It's going to be a huge loss here on the TB site. I'm sure there are a ton of others that will echo these words. Wishing you nothing but the best. grin

#53079 - 06/02/15 12:57 AM Re: The End [Re: Bob Turgeon]
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Thanks for the years of insight Bob...You will be missed...see you on the lake soon...
No point in playing if you dont swing for the fences every once in a while.

Life is too short to use crappy gear.

#53080 - 06/02/15 03:38 AM Re: The End [Re: Bob Turgeon]
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Bob, thanks for all the years of tutelage and sharing of your knowledge. You will be greatly missed around here. Looking forward to seeing you on the water this year.

#53082 - 06/02/15 04:58 PM Re: The End [Re: Brad Patterson]
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I have enjoyed reading your observations the last few years. Some really great insight for those who have read it. I hope you have a great summer and I am sure I will run into you out in the water!
Jason D.

#53083 - 06/02/15 05:24 PM Re: The End [Re: Bob Turgeon]
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Always a pleasure reading your posts Mr. Turgeon. Your input will be greatly missed.

Take care.

#53087 - 06/04/15 05:14 AM Re: The End [Re: Bob Turgeon]
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You should write a book. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say about these crazy fish we chase. Thanks for all of your insight!

#53090 - 06/05/15 06:17 PM Re: The End [Re: Bob Turgeon]
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Bob thank you for all the advice over the years. I am sure it has led to more muskies in the boat for me. Enjoy you ventures going forward and best of luck to you.
My idea of retirement - Fishing full time instead of part time. Alas I am still fishing part time.


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